But most of all, I would like to thank Master Kyu. Without Master Kyu, I wouldn’t be writing this letter because I wouldn’t still be practicing TaeKwonDo. I don’t mind saying that doing this at my age is not easy. Master Kyu knows and appreciates that fact and like the “master” that he is, he has pushed me and prodded me to my limits, while quietly protecting me as much as he can from getting injured. That I have had no injuries since I’ve been back is solely due to Master Kyu’s ability to customize each class to the unique needs of each individual student. He is my Master, friend, and mentor, and besides my father, I consider him to be the most influential male figure that I have had in my life.

From Mr. Kerry’s 2nd degree test essay

The impact Taekwondo and instructors had on me really changed my life and I am so glad to be where and who I am today. It has shaped me into a respectful growing man who is courteous to all, one who always does the right thing, one who never gives up, one who is disciplined, and one whose heart and will can never be broken. Taekwondo will always be such a big part of my life and I am blessed to have had such great instructors and friends in it to shape me into what I am today

from John’s 3rd degree test essay